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Our Mission


Envi Road Montana’s mission is to provide an environmentally safe, lasting, durable, water-repellant product for dust suppression and mud mitigation at a fair, reasonable and affordable price. We want to serve you with quality and integrity. We believe in the effectiveness of this quality product, and believe that you will, too.


Welcome to Envi-Road Montana

Too Much Dust in the Wind?

Your home is truly your castle, and you love its location in our big sky world of rural Montana. But, sometimes, those rural country roads can sure whip up the dust storms. And, too often, that dust seeps through even the best built homes and settles down on fine furniture or vintage vehicles. It can be a daily headache and hassle trying to keep up with the build-up of this dust – and can even cause headaches and health problems by aggravating sinuses and lungs.


A Safe & Affordable Solution

But now, there’s a solution that’s safe for the environment and reasonable: Envi Road Montana. We use a product called EarthBind100™ that’s an environmentally safe dust suppressant for dirt and gravel highways. This product – made from environmentally-friendly resins, biopolymers, and surfactants – will eliminate dust on your rural road and even take care of that mud and gumbo that thickens your road after a rain or snowfall.


It’s Versatile, Too

The superior quality and performance of EarthBind100™ isn’t just limited to dusty roads around your home. It’s great, too, for commercial dust control and soil stabilization and keeps the dust down on highway projects, at refineries and mines, power plants, on commercial driveways, parking lots and in agricultural areas – in short, anywhere that dust is a problem.


Environmentally Safe and Money Saving

All components of EarthBind100™ are non-hazardous, free of asphalt or solvent, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and not considered to be harmful to aquatic and mammal life. The product is shipped in an extremely concentrated form – which saves shipping costs and less fuel to transport the material – and is then mixed with water at the site prior to application. Commercial users with the proper application equipment, may choose to purchase this concentrate and apply it themselves to save money.


No Job Too Small ……. Or Too Large

To control dust Envi Road Montana can apply EarthBind100™ on a short stretch of rural road in front of your home or can go the distance for miles and miles of dusty back roads. We can coordinate with Home Owners’ Associations, City Road Departments, real estate developments, and any government agency. The application process is quick and easy, and, once applied, the product won’t wash away because the product penetrates and binds with the soil.