Earthbind™ 100 can be used as a stabilizer when mechanical methods of stabilization are inadequate and replacing an undesirable soil with a desirable soil is not possible or too costly.



Earthbind™ 100 can be tilled into the road bed with a tiller or bladed into the soil with a motor grader and windrowed back and forth several passes to mix.






Earthbind™ 100 Base Stabilization


Earthbind™ 100 is sold and shipped in concentrate and diluted with water prior to application. Normally for typical unpaved municipal, county, or state roads, Earthbind™ is diluted to make a 4:1 solution (20%) however depending upon environmental conditions Earthbind™ 100 can be diluted from a 1:1 (water: product concentrate) to 6:1 solution. When the soil material is near optimum moisture, then a 1:1 or 2:1 dilution can be used.

The amount of Earthbind™ 100 concentrate that is required to effectively stabilize an unpaved road varies on the:


  • Type of road aggregate material
  • Climatic conditions
  • Type, number, and velocity of vehicles
  • Road geometry
  • Road surface conditions

Following are recommended amount of concentrate recommended for stabilization:


  • For a 4” stabilization, 0.25gal/sq.yd.;
  • For a 6” stabilization, 0.35gal/sq.yd;
  • For a 8” stabilization, 0.45gal/sq.yd.;
  • For a 10” stabilization, 0.55gal/sq.yd
  • For a 12” stabilization, 0.65gal/sq.yd.


Typical Stabilization Procedure:

When stabilizing a road 6” to 12” in-depth then an asphalt reclaimer/stabilizer with a liquid injection system is required. Here the diluted Earthbind™ 100 product is injected onto the road aggregate and tilled into the road bed simultaneously. Afterwards, the stabilized road is profiled with a motor grader and compacted with a pneumatic roller. Next, the road surface is top shot with a 0.25-gallon solution of Earthbind. This top shot will put a final touch on the road by binding any material on the surface of the road and preventing dust generation. Plus the top shot can serve as a prime coat prior to paving with asphalt.


Required Equipment:


  • Computerized asphalt reclaimer/stabilizer with product injection system or motor grader
  • Motor grader to profile road after product application;
  • Rubber tire roller to compact roads after stabilization process;
  • Storage tank (s) with enough capacity to store product;
  • Storage tank equipped with a and circulation system(to mix product and pump product into distributor truck); and
  • Computerized distributor truck or water truck that can accurately apply 0.25-gallons of solution per square yard for final top shot.