Toxicity Test Results


Often there is a concern for fish since silt run-off from roads often ends up in nearby waterways. Earthbind™ 100 proved to be of "low concern" in a fish toxicity test since, according to EPA standards, it was given a rating of LC50. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Research Information Bulletin (#84-78) classifies LC50 values of 100 - 1000 mg/l as "practically non-toxic." exhibits a low level of toxicity towards fish even at a very high concentration of product-higher than would ever be used in the field.


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Rat Toxicity Test
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Earthbind™ 100 is formulated with environmentally-friendly resins, biopolymers, and surfactants. As a dust palliative and soil stabilizer it works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, thus strengthening the soil/aggregate matrix and preventing even the smallest particles from becoming airborne as fugitive dust. In addition, it will add water resistance to the treated soil particles and will not re-solubilize in rainwater and wash off the road after curing. This is especially important in areas where the mitigation of sediment runoff from unpaved roads into streams is imperative.

Earthbind™ 100 is sold and transported in a concentrate and is diluted in water prior to application. In addition to suppressing dust, it can also be used as an environmentally-friendly base stabilizer.

Earthbind™ 100 was developed to meet the need for a quality and environmentally-friendly product that can be safely stored and easily applied. It is applied to successfully combat fugitive dust and stabilize the road surface on many different types of unpaved roads, parking lots, railroad yards, etc., throughout the industrial, mining, military, private and public market sectors.


Earthbind™ 100 is an efficient and effective method to reduce dust-related environmental and health concerns. Plus, it aids in complying with clean air and water requirements by reducing airborne dust and preventing erosion. Traditional dust control products are made of potentially carcinogenic petroleum oils and are diluted in highly volatile and flammable solvents. Others contain chemicals that are reported to be corrosive to metal, vehicles or other equipment that may come into contact with the treated areas. Some contain soluble anions that are harmful to aquatic organisms or become absorbed by plant roots. Once absorbed, anions are transported to leaves and twigs where they eventually accumulate to toxic levels. Anions can also raise the osmotic concentration of the soil, thereby diminishing the availability of water to plant roots and retarding metabolic functions, photosynthesis and growth.


Earthbind™ 100 does not wash away in rain and is safe to vegetation, fish and wildlife as well as drinking water from a domestic well. Unlike Magnesium Chloride, Lignin Sulfonate and Sugar Beet Derivatives Earthbind posses no threat to groundwater. Other dust control products are water-soluble. Rainfall can cause these products to wash-off into surface waters. When these products reach waterways, they can reduces light penetration and can lead to the reduction of photosynthesis by phytoplankton, lowering the oxygen balance and interfering with aquatic life.

Earthbind™ 100 is a safe, long-lasting and economical solution for base stabilization, dust and erosion control. The individual products that are used to create it are all classified as non-carcinogenic and have been tested to be safe for humans and the environment. Once applied and with adequate time to set-up, it is resistant to corrosion and does not re-emulsify when it rains. It repels water and thus controls mud and gumbo during a rain or snowmelt event.